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D12a Humidifier

d12a humidifierOur organ humidifiers are designed to meet the needs of today”s organ builders. The type D12a is the latest development of a principal that has been increasing in popularity for more than four decades. There are currently more than 2000 “D” type humidifiers in daily operation in a wide variety of locations, both within the UK and overseas

The type D12a humidifier is available in either single or twin outlet form to cover most applications. Where access to drainage is limited, the optional overflow prevention system can be fitted which shuts off the water supply in the event of the overflow tray becoming full. Once the tray has been emptied, the system will continue its normal operation.

For customer peace of mind all of our new humidifiers come with a twelve month warranty. Where we also undertake the installation of the equipment, and, where there is documented evidence that the equipment has been competently serviced at least once per annum, we are pleased to extend this warranty for a further 36 months (total period of warranty not to exceed forty eight months). Full parts and labour warranty applies to W&W installed units, return for repair warranty applies to supply only sales T&C’s apply.

Download the D12a specification sheet here

Among its many features,  the current D12a machine features a revised, noise reducing, motor cover. This new cover reducing the overall operational sound of the unit.

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A more recent introduction, that is finding its niche, is the D12a “LIBERUM” model. This machine is designed for use where a humidifier is desired, however, a plumbed water supply and drainage is not available. In the past such installations frequently required a header tank to be positioned above a humidifier, which was often then difficult to fill, together with our overflow prevention system. The D12a LIBERUM is a single unit housing water supply, “drain” and humidifier within one, easily refillable, self contained unit. Only a power supply is required. The original unit, illustrated, is undergoing significant revision for 2022.

We regret that, due to product liability insurance restrictions, we are no longer able to supply to North America or Canada.